Does Pure Signs offer NRTL Certification?

Yes, only to permitted installations. All products are manufactured under UL 48.

Can I Buy from Pure Signs?

Pure Signage is manufactured strictly for resale purposes only.

How are letters measured and priced?

Letters are normally measured by upright inch (height), but some letters' width exceeds the height. We price each letter by the length or height of each individual letter, whichever is greater. Stretching or reducing the length of a font to fit available space will never result in additional pricing unless width of letter exceeds height. We price our products by the amount of inches purchased (size of letters X amount of letters = total inches), we then price the job by the style selected (amount of inches x cost per inch = total).

How long will it take to get my sign?

Standard orders have a manufacturing time of 10 business days. After clients' approval and final balance is paid, products will then be packaged (1-3 Days) where the product is then shipped with an estimated transit of 5 business days. Although every order is different your sign is sure to be completed and received within 15 to 20 business days. We do have rush delivery available, with a clients full cooperation a sign can be ordered and received within a minimum of 7-10 business days (additional charges may apply).

Is there a warranty with my purchase?

Yes, all Pure Signs products leave shop with a 1 Year Manufacturers Material Warranty.

How do I Contact Pure Signs?

1-877-365-0569 ext. 0
or fill out any of our forms online.

Where does Pure Signs ship from?

We ship from Lancaster, California

What is a Raceway?

A Raceway is a channel connecting sections or all letters of a sign to contain all electrical components to make for a simple installation and avoid wiring behind walls. This is normally offered in standard pricing, slightly increasing the final cost but worth the saving in time. Signs received by our clients with this option can expect their sign to be complete and ready to install with 2-5 mounting brackets and 1 electrical out per raceway (Installation Pattern Included).

What if my specific color combination is not available?

For specific colors outside the material colors available, contact our customer service for more information on the process we use to ensure your color is matched properly.

Does Pure Signs offer installation?

Pure Signs is strictly a manufacturer, we do not offer any form of installation with our signs. However we do offer schematics with material breakdowns and installation patterns.

How does Pure Signs plan to ship my sign?

Pure Signs normally ships via freight, if the order is smaller in size it will be shipped using UPS.

Is my product insured during shipment?

Every product shipped is fully insured. Any shipping damages should be reported at the time of delivery with the shipping company.